Sharon Stone Sex

Before Sharon Stone, there was nothing… and this ultimate Hollywood sex siren gave back the umph! in sexy movies when she made headlines back in 1992 with the blockbuster film Basic Instinct where she played a bisexual serial killer. It was her ticket to superstardom and Sharon was considered at that time to be Hollywood’s latest sex kitten and men all over the world focused their attention on this drop-dead gorgeous actress who was not only sexy but she gave the world a new twist when it comes to softcore sex in movies. Sharon started out as a model for such companies as Burger King, Clairol and Maybelline but she was not too happy with it and so she quit modelling and decided to become an actress and appeared on several films and playing bit roles. It was in 1990 that her career was given that much-needed jolt when she was asked to appear in the movie Total Recall along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and to coincide with the movie, Sharon agreed to appear nude on Playboy magazine where she showed off her buffed figure for which she prepared tediously for her role. She was, is and will always be one of Hollywood’s alluring sex symbols and even she’s at her 50’s, Sharon Stone still has it and she’s one hot momma to reckon with.

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