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Sharon Stone flashes a beaver

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Sharon Stone has been known to have a bit of a runaway mouth with her lies about her IQ and careless comments regarding ethnic relations, but what we didn’t really see would be her other pair of lips doing a runaway of their own in these timely paparazzi pictures of her unleashing her beaver on us! It’s such a blessing Sharon Stone didn’t bother slipping on panties that day, because what we were never given when she was young is now captured for our wanking pleasure. One comment I do have concerning this apparition is that Sharon Stone’s pussy looks too plump for her age, like they’ve never been ripped open countless times by all the cocks she’s eaten up like mad. That, or I guess her pussy lips are hanging so loosely they look meatier than they really are. That’s probably what you get for going commando most of the time, with nothing to support your sagging cunt from drooping further. But far from turning me off, this slut of a MILF is actually making my cock grow harder with anticipation at what else she can do with her body. And I’m betting a few more photos of Sharon Stone’s pussy ought to make you start thinking of dirty things too.