Nasty Sharon Stone ends up having sex in photo shoot

July 27th, 2016 by J

Sultry busty Sharon Stone having hardcore sex in a photo shoot

If you don’t know Sharon Stone personally, you will never know what she means when she says ‘once you pop, can never stop!’. But of course, we’re here to let you in that little secret and it’s actually a dirty one and not some TV commercial slogan for a junk food ad. See, the first time Stone tasted a massive black cock, she confessed that there is no turning back. So now even on her frequent trips to film and photo shoots, she can’t help but end up having one hardcore sex with any sexy black man that she has to work with. She ditched the smokes already and considered having a huge black dick inside her pussy, mouth, and ass her new addiction. Plus the fact that she swears, a BBC’s cum tastes so much sweeter than any other jizz she’s swallowed. Next time you see Stone with a Pringles in hand, you already know what to give her once she blurted out the words again and be prepared to give her the pleasure she craves if you’re one ripped black dude with a nice huge boner Stone would enjoy.

Smoking Sharon Stone enjoying a hot fuck

March 21st, 2016 by J

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Aside from her an unforgettable scene in the erotic thriller, Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone’s career got a huge boost after starring in the film Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger. So you see, Sharon isn’t just for the sexy and naughty roles, as she is also good when it comes to an action-packed movie. And away from the spotlight when she’s not memorizing lines and doing shoots in sets, she is also into raising funds for certain causes, helping people out with whatever. But let’s try and just focus on her other activities while none of these people and all her fans are not watching. And none of them are also aware, though they may have ideas and theories, sleazy Sharon Stone does her sexual life pretty damn good. After every stressful event at some photo shoot or interviews and her TV guesting or movies, she makes it a point to do something that will release all her tensions and of course it involves some ‘help’.

While she thinks she does this discreetly, there will always be a person or two who will always make the world know about secrets these famous actors and actresses are doing behind the curtains just for the fun of it and most probably for the easy cash. Sharon may deny too that she didn’t want this hardcore video leaked, but she doesn’t seem bothered that the public is watching her smoke while giving a hot blowjob and getting plowed rough and deep on the bed. Looks and sounds familiar, huh? It’s definitely like Basic Instinct all over again. But this time it’s all uncut, real and she’s all naked and not so sacred and you’re all free to watch and enjoy her have sex without having the need to murder anyone.

Sharon Stone flashes a beaver

May 7th, 2010 by LimaBean

Sharon Stone has been known to have a bit of a runaway mouth with her lies about her IQ and careless comments regarding ethnic relations, but what we didn’t really see would be her other pair of lips doing a runaway of their own in these timely paparazzi pictures of her unleashing her beaver on us! It’s such a blessing Sharon Stone didn’t bother slipping on panties that day, because what we were never given when she was young is now captured for our wanking pleasure. One comment I do have concerning this apparition is that Sharon Stone’s pussy looks too plump for her age, like they’ve never been ripped open countless times by all the cocks she’s eaten up like mad. That, or I guess her pussy lips are hanging so loosely they look meatier than they really are. That’s probably what you get for going commando most of the time, with nothing to support your sagging cunt from drooping further. But far from turning me off, this slut of a MILF is actually making my cock grow harder with anticipation at what else she can do with her body. And I’m betting a few more photos of Sharon Stone’s pussy ought to make you start thinking of dirty things too.

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This is it guys! The moment you’ve been waiting for… it’s one fiery Sharon Stone festival that is loaded with a huge archive of her sexy nude movie scenes from several of her films that she did before and now you can get to enjoy them all over again as you re-live those intense moments where Sharon Stone gets to strip off naked and have sex with her leading man. This will surely bring a lot of good memories when you would get a nasty woody by just watching and hearing her moan right before your eyes and you just couldn’t get it off your mind until you had to lock yourself up inside the bathroom and have a heart-to-heart talk with your throbbing little buddy downstairs.

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August 3rd, 2008 by LimaBean

You saw Sharon Stone do her thing in bed naked in Basic Instinct and who wouldn’t remember that famous scene of Sharon where she was sitting on a chair with legs crossed and switched her position to the other side while getting a glimpse of her cunt that lasted for a couple of seconds. It is a fact that guys all over the world just couldn’t get over what Sharon Stone had established in Hollywood being the hottest sex symbol of that time… but you guys can say that she is one brilliant actress who bravely crossed the line and that she just played the part too well, and it was only until recently that we have discovered that there were such existing hardcore pictures of Sharon Stone and this time it’s not the usual Hollywood type of hardcore that you see in movies… this is the real thing and she’s getting herself some whole lotta serious loving from these lucky bastards!

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August 3rd, 2008 by LimaBean

You’ve seen Sharon Stone bare her wares on the big screen ever since she appeared on the blockbuster hit thriller Basic Instinct and you might even had an intimate glimpse of her sexy naked body when she appeared on Playboy magazine back in 1992, but it was only until recently that we have stumbled upon some of her rare nude pictures that we haven’t seen up and around cyberspace and mind you there are many of those pictures where you get to see a younger and sexy Sharon Stone flaunting her uber sexy body with both of her fine tits and succulent pussy exposed in all of their mighty glory.

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